Carver Engineering is relatively small but highly dedicated consulting civil engineering business. Our experience in the fields of water treatment & supply; wastewater collection & treatment; stormwater collection, conveyance and treatment; road design; and subdivision development is simply unmatched by any other engineering firm.

Our meticulous commitment to detail sets us apart from others, as are the clean, comprehensive and accurate plans we provide. Our project drawings are commonly referred to as the best in the industry by state and local governmental agencies who are responsible for reviewing construction drawings, and by contractors bidding on their construction projects.

But most importantly, the commitment we extend to our clients is our most valued asset. It is for this reason that we have been retained by several water and sewer districts and by several private clients to provide consulting engineering services on their respective projects for the last 25 years. These long-term uninterrupted relationships speak volumes about our commitment, dedication and the professional service we provide.

What's New

TAT, Inc. dba Carver Engineering is now licensed to provide civil engineering services in North Dakota. Tom Cowan is registered as a professional engineer in North Dakota (PE-8006) as well as in Montana (10323 PE). In conjunction with Watson Excavating, a long-time contractor in Northwestern Montana who is now working in North Dakota, an office has been set up in Williston and we have begun to advertise in the local newspapers. Although not staffed full-time, Tom or another Carver Engineering staff member will be making frequent visits to the Williston office.

Look through our web site to learn more about Carver Engineering, and we would greatly enjoy speaking with you about your project.