Tank Columns

The Evergreen Water District has recently constructed a new 1.6 MG concrete water storage tank, along with associated piping and site improvements, next to their existing 1.0 MG welded steel tank located in the Mission Village neighborhood.  Additionally, a second water tranmission main that has been extended incrementally, from the West Evergreen Well site, through Glacier Village Greens, to the new tank site has been completed.

The construction of this new storage tank will allow the District to overcome several pressing issues. First, the existing steel storage tank (Evergreen's only tank) is starting to show the signs of its age and now that the new concrete tank is constructed and "on-line," the existing reservoir can be taken "off-line" and the necessary inspection, cleaning and rehabilitation can be completed.

The second issue the District has is the water demands in their high pressure zone (Bluff area) are approaching the capacity of the Bluff system supply facilities. Both the existing tank and the new tank serve only the low pressure zone. To increase the District's water capacity in the high zone, a undersized and old, unused booster pump station next to the existing steel tank will be replaced with a new pump station that will transfer water from the low zone to the high zone.

With the newly completed West Evergreen Wells "on-line", the District will be able to produce water at 4,400 gpm and with the new tank, store 2.6 MG.  This allows the District to provide fire flows of 4,000 gpm for 4 hours and provides the Evergreen residents with a very high level of water service.

Evergreen - 1.6 MG Water Storage Tank

Aerial by Tom Sands

New Tank Being Painted