New Booster Pump Station Building

Flathead County Water District #8 (Happy Valley)

Happy Valley is an existing residential development located between Kalispell and Whitefish, just off of Highway 93.  Carver Engineering designed and managed the construction of approximately 1,800 L.F. of new 6” water main along Hodgson Road; the removal and replacement of 13 fire hydrants within the subdivision; the installation of 191 new water meters and associated pits on existing water services; a new well; a new triplex booster pump station and associated building; and lastly a new emergency generator.  

Carver Engineering was responsible for redesigning the water system to meet domestic, irrigation and fire protection demands and was also responsible for finding all 191 existing water services so that new water meters could be installed.  Carver Engineering found almost 80% of the existing water service curb stops using a metal detector prior to construction.

During construction, the remaining 20% of the water services were found with a radio-detection locator by attaching it to an outside hose bibb and tracing the copper service out to the street.  

The successful use of this technology resulted in significant cost savings for the District and additionally kept water service disruptions to a very minor level.

Construction administration and inspection duties included:  contract documents & specifications, full-time construction inspection (resident project representative), hydrostatic leakage and disinfection tests, booster pump station and back-up generator start-up assistance.  

New Triplex Booster Pump Station