Our Philosophy

Carver Engineering has developed working and design philosophies over the years that have enhanced the success of our engineering operations as well as the successes of our projects. Virtually all aspects of a project are reviewed and discussed among our staff, and ideas are thoroughly developed, evaluated and agreed upon (or rejected) in this effort. Before a design concept leaves the office there is agreement from all involved that the best choices have been identified and selected for our client. We realize that designing and drafting a project requires more than can be obtained from field notes, surveys and studies done by others. A thorough understanding of on-site conditions, both surface and subsurface, is a requirement of each of our projects, as is a thorough understanding of the wishes of our clients.

Carver Engineering prides itself on preparing and providing accurate and comprehensive work in a timely manner. We accomplish this with a team approach. This begins with the project manager establishing priorities and ensuring each team member understands their role in the project. Members are utilized in a capacity that focuses on their strengths thus maximizing the team’s ability to produce quality work, consistently and efficiently.

The true measure of our success comes from client satisfaction. We know we have succeeded when our clients return for our services again and again. Client repeat business is our greatest compliment. We are extremely proud of our client loyalty in the past and we dedicate ourselves towards a future that will merit increased client satisfaction and loyalty; We know you will too, so give us a call to discuss your project today.