Our Services

Carver Engineering is a relatively small and personal engineering, consulting and design firm specializing in civil engineering. Our primary focus is the design of water, wastewater, roads and stormwater drainage systems for private and municipal clients. We also do a considerable amount of work in septic system design, floodplain studies, sediment & erosion control and slope stabilization. Over the past 31 years, Carver Engineering has completed more than 1,100 projects.

Most engineering firms produce plans that generally look good, and, with enough time and effort, they can usually get the plans approved by reviewing agencies. But can the project be constructed within the client's time and budget requirements? Carver Engineering has anexcellent reputation with reviewing agencies and with contractors for producing clean, accurate and detailed plans that can easily be read and can actually be constructed. Our plans are clear, detailed and accurate, allowing contractors to give a fair and honest price for the work. Change Orders, that increase costs or extend the completion date of a project, are rare. Minor changes in, or questions about, the construction of a project are addressed on-site, either directly by one of our inspectors or by a call to the design engineer in their office. The timely response to Contractors questions or concerns eliminates delays in the progress of work. Contractors have repeatedly said that Carver Engineering plans are the best they have seen. Contractors enjoy working on Carver Engineering projects because of the quality of our plans and our construction management style.